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Full length plasmid sequencing submission form

Submit samples in 8-strip 0.2 mL PCR tubes (even if submitting less than 8 samples). See the FAQ page for more information.

Recommended DNA quality

  • 10 uL of 30 ng/uL in water (by Qubit)
  • A260/280 of 1.8 (by Nanodrop)
  • A260/230 > 1.8 (by Nanodrop)

High quality DNA is essential since there are no amplification steps for full plasmid sequencing.

Tube labelling

For each strip tube submitted, label the first tube with your initials and strip tube number. For example, for the first 8 samples label tube #1 with JD1, the second 8 samples with JD2, etc...

Last update: 2022-06-14